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In the summer I photographed this gorgeous shoot for C. I was thrilled when I suggested shooting an outdoor boudoir session, that C loved the idea. It’s not your typical boudoir session, and I absolutely love it. Hair and makeup styled by Jen Lagers, The Outer Edge who did an incredible job emboldening C’s feminine beauty.

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One of my favorite parts of my job as a wedding and portrait photographer, is helping style anniversary or engagement sessions. In the Northwest we have so many options for locations and outfits, that can truly help reflect a couple’s personality in the photographs. If you want cityscape and waterfront, we can shoot in downtown Seattle and dress for a more formal date night. If out want forest and mountains, we can head to a trail in Snoqualmie Pass in your favorite plaid shirt and hiking boots. That is why I love fashion, because it is another tool for artistically expressing yourself. Today I am posting 10 what to wear tips  for your portrait session.

  1. Be you. Choose clothing and accessories that represent your style and that you feel great in. You know your body type, so dress to flatter yourself.
  2. Be comfortable. Select clothing that fits well and that compliments your figure. Arrange your outfits ahead of time, and make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free.
  3. Try to avoid clothing with logos.
  4. Coordinate your outfit selections versus matching. What-to-wear-Seattle-Bride-Photographer-Wedding-Photography-by-Betty-Elaine_0002pinimage
  5. Select outfits that compliment each other in color, style and level of formality. Light clothes look better on lighter backgrounds, and dark clothes look better on darker backgrounds.
  6. Don’t hesitate to bring a couple of different outfits. Most couples bring one casual outfit and one formal one!
  7. Generally, sleeveless shirts and shorts on adults tend to not flatter, avoid them. But layered clothing is wonderful. Layers and texture translate great on camera! So don’t be afraid to layer jewelry, scarves, sweaters, jackets or any combination in order to create depth in your outfits.
  8. Don’t forget the details! Accessories, nails, shoes. The level of care on even the little things can add up! A fresh manicure, polished shoes and even the simplest earrings can create a more polished and styled look.  Shoes! As mentioned before, you want to be comfortable, and stylish too. There can be lots of walking during a session. So if your planning on wearing your favorite heels, you might also think about bring some flats for in-between scenes.
  9. Brides… consider having your hair and makeup done for your session. Having a professional hair and makeup stylist prep you for your session will help polish and enhance your look for photos even if you’ve selected casual apparel for your session.
  10. Don’t stress! Photo sessions should be fun and natural. It is important that you feel comfortable. I will be capturing a lot of shots during, and in-between directed ‘scenes’. Don’t worry about if you look okay or not in the moment, that is my job. I will be focused on making your session fun and easy to capture you. Let yourself enjoy the experience, and enjoy being together.What-to-wear-Seattle-Bride-Photographer-Wedding-Photography-by-Betty-Elaine_0003pinimage

If you still need outfit inspiration for your photography session, visit my website galleries for engagement and anniversary sessions.

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2016 has been a challenging year for me. I really dove into why I create the images I photograph. I have a connection to the Northwest, and I love connecting with people/couples and learning their story. This lead me to offering adventure sessions for couples wanting more than the average anniversary session. I spent more time with my clients in these sessions so my photography was able to celebrate their relationship and tell an authentic story. My work has become more meaningful, and I cherish every wedding day, engagement, and anniversary session that I photograph.

This year I was also expecting my first baby. He entered the world 7 weeks earlier than anticipated and had to stay in the NICU for quite some time. We are now at home and I am enjoying my maternity leave this winter. I am in love with this newborn phase of life, while also sleep deprived and constantly trying to get another cup of coffee! Being a Mama is an absolute joy, and I thank God for my healthy baby son. The end of 2016 brought a lot of chaos, but peace was not lost in the midst of it all. I’m looking forward to many firsts with my son in 2017, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for Photography by Betty Elaine. I am eager to meet the clients who will give me the privileged of capturing their  joyous wedding day celebrations!

Cheers to 2016! Even with your challenges, there was so much joy.

1-Snoqualmie-Pass-Snow-Winter-Adventure-Gold-Creek-Pond-Engagement-Elopement-Photography-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage2-Snoqualmie-Pass-Snow-Winter-Adventure-Gold-Creek-Pond-Engagement-Elopement-Photography-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage3-Anniversary-Photography-Love-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage4-Anniversary-Photography-Love-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage5-Anniversary-Photography-Love-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage6-Northwest-Photography-Rialto-Beach-Mt-Rainier-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage7-Shooting-Star-Garden-Maple-Valley-Photography-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage8-Arizona-Grand-Canyon-Adventure-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage9-Franklin-Falls-Engagement-Waterfall-Photography-Snoqualmie-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage10-Franklin-Falls-Engagement-Mountain-Northwest-Photography-Snoqualmie-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage11-Franklin-Falls-Engagement-Mountain-Northwest-Photography-Snoqualmie-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage12-Shooting-Star-Garden-Maple-Valley-Photography-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage13-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage14-Sanders-Estate-Photography-Roses-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage15-Decepeiton-Pass-Bridal-Portraits-Summer-Seattle-Wedding-PhotographerpinimageAbove image photographed for Meredith McKee Photography

16-Rialto-Beach-Twilight-Seattle-Wedding-Photographerpinimage17-Decepeiton-Pass-Bridal-Portraits-Summer-Seattle-Wedding-PhotographerpinimageAbove image photographed for Meredith McKee Photography


Photography by Betty Elaine is a Seattle wedding photographer in the Pacific Northwest. Servicing weddings throughout the local area of Seattle including, Snoqualmie, Woodinville, Snohomish, and San Juan Island. Betty’s professional work features beautiful editorial wedding photography, elopements, and anniversary sessions. Travel is available to other cities outside of the Washington area for local, national, and international wedding photography. 

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    Andrea - Beautiful summary of your year! Can’t wait to meet baby boy! xoxoReplyCancel


I do not remember how I came upon this drink recipe, but I’ve had it written down for a few years, and it is one of my absolute favorites! Gin is always a staple on my bar cart. I love the variety of flavors you can get from the botanicals used. Personally, I avoid overly floral gins. One of my favorites, especially for this cocktail is Bellewood Gin, which is distilled from apples, and I think goes perfectly with the sage in this drink. I love experimenting with other local options for my bar cart. So for this cocktail I went with 3 Howls Old Fashioned Gin, which I think did a great job of mixing with the citrus and herb flavors of this drink. Remember, I’m a hobby mixologist, I just do this for fun guys.

The sage flavor makes this cocktail a winter/holiday season favorite for me personally. In the summer time, I’ll substituted the sage for mint, and it creates the same wonderful drink, with a more appropriate flavor for sunny days. This cocktail is not too sweet either! So don’t let the elderflower and simple syrup scare you off. It is perfectly delightful.



•1 ounce gin

•1 ounce st. germain

•1/2 ounce simple syrup

•1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice

•4 sage leaves


1 Muddle together 3 sage leaves and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker

2 Add ice, gin, st. germain, and lemon juice

3 Shake for 30 seconds or until thoroughly chilled

4 Strain into a coupe glass.

5 Garnish with a sage leaf and enjoy!


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This winter I will be taking maternity leave. My baby boy, Wilder, surprised us by arrived 7 weeks early. After spending some time in the NICU, we are now happily at home. As always, I think it’s best to over communicate and keep you in the loop! For those of you interested in my maternity leave plans here are some of the details.

Office hours starting end of November will be a bit unusual, so I will have an email auto-responder up but will still be responding to emails when I’m in the office. I am taking a complete break from photographing sessions and weddings from December to March.

If you would like me to photograph your wedding:

I am still booking and responding to 2017 inquires! So let’s chat! Email me at I will be checking my email inbox a few days a week, and I’d love to chat with you. I will not be taking leave from bookings. I will find a time to email and talk with you so we can get your wedding date on the books. I will be scheduling 2017 engagement and anniversary sessions as early as April, and 2017 elopements and weddings as early as May.

While I am joyfully spending time with my first baby, and taking off time to adjust to parenthood this winter, I am also so very excited for the 2017 wedding season.

Photo credits: Laura DeMers and Meredith Ruth

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